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A.Thompson a self-taught artist from the Navajo Reservation

Artist Statement * April 2019

As an artist I get to live in a world of expression. I get to take what's inside my mind, what's inside my heart and throw it all on canvas, on paper, and sculpt it to share with you. It's a great world to live in. I actually have a Masters degree in Health Care Administration/Informatics but I resigned from my job in December 2018. I decided to devote my entire life to art and develop more, cradle my art skill and reach a new level. I don't want to remain stuck in the same place three or five years from now. I have a motto, "Let's Decorate the World With More Art" which I truly want to accomplish. I have been accepted into the School of Art Institute of Chicago for the Fall2019 semester. I have shown all over the country and I try to direct my art in so many directions. I am influenced by so many, from non-native artist like Kandinsky, Picasso, Dali to Native artist like T.C. Cannon, R.C. Gorman, and Kent Monkman. I want to create and fall into my own style so I mix my up art every chance I get. I try to work with all that I can, learn something new and move forward. I have worked with silversmithing as well, which requires me to be more focused and more patient. I also do small wooden abstract sculptures and they are influences by painting and silversmithing work. This art world I live is absolutely incredible and I cannot wait to see where Chicago will take me. Thank you again for all the amazing support. 


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"My Culture, My World" Solo Show with Dine' College Museum. Tsaile, AZ

"My Culture, My World" Solo Show with Dine' College Museum. Tsaile, AZ


Indian Country Today Interview - 2014